Conservative leader warns of ‘slippery slope’ after Mississauga food bank users seek MAID

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is warning of a “slippery slope” regarding Canada’s medical aid in dying (MAID) laws, saying it should not be provided to people whose mental illness is their only condition – in Mississauga His remarks demand the maid after the people arrive at the food bank.

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“Conservatives believe we should provide mental health care to people to improve their quality of life, helping to heal psychological wounds,” Poilievre said during a press conference on Friday. “

“And we’re very concerned about that slippery slope that we see.”


He cited various controversial instances regarding MAID, including one that a Veterans Affairs Canada employee had discussed with at least four veterans.

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Poilievre also noted that the CEO of the Mississauga Food Bank has had people coming to her facility asking about MAID.

“We have people coming to their facility not for food, but for help ending their lives, not because they are sick, but because they cannot afford the food,” says the CEO of the Mississauga Food Bank. could pick up,” said Poilievre.

“It has been extended far beyond its original purpose. I believe that we should try to give people a life that they feel is worth living, not ask them to give up life altogether Life is a precious thing, and the government should work to give people a life worth living instead of giving up.

The Trudeau government announced earlier this month that it plans to renegotiate a March 17, 2023, date for the MAID laws, which allow people with mental illness as their sole underlying condition to be medically treated. Will allow assisted death.

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“We are seeking to roll back that time period,” federal Justice Minister David Lamentie said during a press conference on December 15, noting that “concerns” about the extension had been heard from Canadians and experts. Is.

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“Many are concerned about how this will affect them and their loved ones,” he said.

Lametti said the legislation could be introduced as soon as the House returns.

“We know we need to get it right,” he said.

Medical assistance in dying was approved in 2016 for Canadians suffering from physical injuries and illness.

Last March, the Senate passed a bill, known as Bill C-7, to allow medical assistance in dying for more Canadians, including those with mental illness.

Mississauga Food Bank CEO says food bank use rising, cost-of-living crisis an ’emergency’

In an interview with Granthshala News last month, the CEO of the Mississauga Food Bank said we are in the midst of an “emergency” due to the cost of living crisis and increased use of food banks, which have caused psychological pressure on those most affected. influenced.

Meghan Nichols said, “People who are living on the lowest income percentile in our community are now talking to us about taking their own lives because it’s so hard to be poor now.”

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At his press conference, Poilievre was also asked about the rising political anger, whether he was concerned that anger was being normalised.

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He replied that while he does not like to see the anger, Canadians are suffering and again pointed to the cost-of-living crisis as an example.

“I don’t like anger,” he said.

“But I think we have to ask ourselves. Why are people so angry? … And the answer is they’re hurting. You know, it’s easy for the political establishment to say, ‘Stop all your complaining. Do.’ But when you’re one of the 1.5 million people who went to the food bank in the month of March, it’s not that simple. If you’re one of the people who went to the Mississauga Food Bank and sought medical help in dying, don’t That you are sick, but because you cannot survive, it is not that simple.

In an interview earlier this month, Granthshala News showed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a clip of Nichols discussing food bank customers demanding maids.

Trudeau said, ‘It is heartbreaking.

“And it deepens my resolve to do everything possible to be there for people. Inflation is a Granthshala phenomenon. It’s connected to the war in Ukraine, it’s connected to the disruption of supply chains[that]happened with the pandemic and it’s killing everybody around the world.

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Trudeau said that while inflation is hitting Canada “a little less hard” than other places around the world, it is “not even a small amount of reassurance for any family that is going to a food bank for the first time, Or thus losing hope.”

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“And so we had to step up and we will continue to step up,” Trudeau said.

He said the government has implemented targeted supports such as doubling GST support for six months, moving forward on cutting child-care fees this year, providing dental care for families and giving top-ups. For low income renters.

Nicholls has also called for more government support, especially at the provincial level,

“We are doing many things and we will continue to do more, but we know that times are really tough for Canadians,” Trudeau said.

“And Canadians, as we saw from all the volunteers at the food banks, are trying to be there for each other and governments are working to try and be there for people and we will make it through this.” Because we’ve been through tough times before.

“But to see people losing hope is absolutely heartbreaking and it only deepens my resolve to continue moving forward with direct support for Canadians.”

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