‘Colbert’ Imagines Slim Pickings (Don Jr., Matt Getz) on Conservative Dating Apps (Video)

Thursday’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” kicked off with a lie about the new conservative dating app, The Right Stuff, that imagines just how brutal the prospects would be for single people on such a service.

In case you’re just catching up, “The Right Stuff” was created by three former Trump officials and is backed by right-wing billionaire Peter Thiel. If you visit the site that launched this month, it’s certainly filled with tired, exhausting culture wars trolling the stereotypes posted on social media — other dating services are “wake up” and “pronouns” ” Are and are full of people “angry” by everything, “blah blah blah. Read more about it here,

Anyway, as usual, it started cold open with a news supercut explaining the matter, then came the lies, a fake ad that begins with reconstructed footage from an actual The Right Stuff ad, starring Ryan McEnany (ex. -Trump spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany’s sister). ,

“The Right Things is all about joining the right dating pool with people who share the same values ​​and beliefs as you. It’s easy,” the ad promises. “Just scroll through all the eligible stereotypes. “

Then came the parody.

Showing a photo of Rudy Giuliani, “Like Rudy,” the ad continued. “He believes in family values, and he proved it by marrying his cousin.”

“Ted,” the ad went – and yes, it’s a photo of Ted Cruz. “You won’t need birth control, because the former president took his balls.”

“Don Jr. He loves fresh powder. And that skis!” Advertising promises. We probably don’t even need to tell you what that’s about, right?

“Eric. ummmmm,” the ad says, before quickly swiping a hand to the left over the photo of Eric Trump.

“Matt,” the ad says, as shown a photo of Florida Congressman Matt Getz. “Oops, he’s not on this app. He dates on Venmo.” Again, we probably don’t need to explain that joke.

“Download the right content today,” concludes the fake ad. “And have you stole your heart, as we pretend to elect.”

You can watch the clip above. But a note to Colbert’s writers: We know they intentionally don’t mention Donald Trump’s name, but IRL conservatives would never refer to him as a “former president.” Anyway, like we said, check it out above.

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