CCTV shows moment bus passengers rush to help child after horror crash

Heart-stopping CCTV shows passengers flooding off a bus to help a child who had been hit by a car.

The video, taken in May, showed the child disembarking an Arriva bus in Merseyside, before running straight across the road, where the collision took place.

The child, who is thought to have been about 11 or 12-years-old, is then seen lying on the ground as a number of other school children rush over. The driver proceeds to pull over close to the scene.

Arriva, who released the footage as part of a safety campaign, say the youngster was not seriously injured.

The bus company has now launched a safety campaign called Stop and Stay which aims to spread advice for pupils and parents on how to cross the road safely.

As part of the drive to enforce safety when crossing a road, the bus company will be touring Merseyside to offer assemblies and visits to spread the message.

Schools are a target of the campaign because crashes tend to happen when children are in a hurry to make it to school – or get home, the firm says.

They often cross the road in front of a bus without looking properly and end up being struck by traffic.

For this reason, Arriva is encouraging children – some who may be using the bus for the first time to get to school – to stop after getting off the bus.

Bosses then urge them to remain on the pavement until the bus has driven away. This is so pedestrians can have a clear view of the road and cross the road safely.

Matthew Mort, Arriva’s risk manager based in Merseyside, said he is aware of on average one road accident every three months involving a child who’s just stepped off a bus and into oncoming traffic.

He said: “We understand that often children are getting off a bus at either the start or the end of the school day and they’re in a hurry. But I want people to know that your move off the bus could be your last unless you stop and stay.

“It’s vitally important everyone remembers this. If you cross a road without stopping for a moment, staying where you are and then crossing the road in a safe way, the consequences can be devastating. We’ve got one message we want you all to remember: stop and stay – cross the road in a safe way.

“One of our key values at Arriva is about doing the right thing. We don’t just get you to and from school – we care passionately about our communities and want to make sure everyone is safe.”

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