North Korea Hails ‘Good Results’ On COVID as Fever Cases Pass 2 Million

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA —  North Korea said Friday it was achieving “good results” in its fight against its first confirmed COVID-19 outbreak, as the number of people with fever symptoms rose past 2 million. A wave of COVID infections, which North Korea first confirmed last week, has fanned worry about a lack of medical resources … Read more

US Health Advisers Urge Pfizer Booster for Children Ages 5 to 11

Kids ages 5 to 11 should get a booster dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, advisers to the U.S. government said Thursday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quickly adopted the panel’s recommendation, opening a third COVID-19 shot to healthy elementary-age kids — just as it did for everybody 12 and older. The hope is … Read more

New Zealand Hands Out Extra Cash to Fight ‘Inflation Storm’

wellington, new zealand —  New Zealand’s government said Thursday it will hand out an extra few hundred dollars to more than 2 million lower-income adults to help them navigate what it describes as “the peak of the global inflation storm.” The payments are part of a package of new measures announced in the government’s annual … Read more

Experts: North Korea Likely to Dismiss International Anti-Covid Aid

washington —  Experts say North Korea is likely to dismiss almost all international anti-virus help, at least for now, despite its first acknowledged outbreak of suspected COVID-19 cases surging across the country. The country is scrambling to deal with rapidly rising cases of COVID-19 symptoms as it announced 1.72 million patients with fevers and 62 … Read more

Americans Shed COVID Precautions Despite New Surge

The number of U.S. counties considered to be at high risk of spreading COVID has almost tripled in the last two weeks, according to the CDC. In New York City, the COVID alert level has risen to high, and the number of cases has doubled in the last month. Despite this, a new poll suggests … Read more

Health Officials Say Parts of US May Consider Calls for Mask Wearing

WASHINGTON —  COVID-19 cases are increasing in the United States and could get even worse over the coming months, federal health officials warned Wednesday in urging areas hardest hit to consider reissuing calls for indoor masking. Increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are putting more of the country under guidelines issued by the U.S. … Read more

China’s Economy Contracts Sharply in April on Lockdowns

Hong Kong —  China’s retail and industrial production dropped sharply in April, as lockdowns across the country kept consumers from shopping and factories from producing goods, casting a long shadow over China’s economic goals for 2022. The retail sales of consumer goods shrank 11.1% from a year ago, the biggest contraction since March 2020, according … Read more

North Korea Opts for Its Own COVID Response, Shunning Outside Help

seoul, south korea —  North Korea is organizing its own systemized response to a growing COVID-19 outbreak, with at least 1.7 million people coming down with fever since the “explosive” trend was noticed in late April. Pyongyang has been indicating its suspected COVID-19 cases as “fever,” given a current inability to swiftly confirm COVID patients … Read more

FDA Clears COVID Booster Shot for Healthy Kids Ages 5 to 11

U.S. regulators on Tuesday authorized a COVID-19 booster shot for healthy 5- to 11-year-olds, hoping an extra vaccine dose will enhance their protection as infections once again creep upward. Everyone 12 and older already was supposed to get one booster dose for the best protection against the newest coronavirus variants — and some people, including … Read more

Japan to Welcome Limited Tour Groups

Japan says it will begin welcoming tour groups as a means of returning to full-fledged tourism. The government’s tourism agency announced Tuesday that small groups from Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the United States will be allowed to enter Japan later this month. The agency says the tours will be limited to fixed itineraries and must … Read more