Penang warehouse collapse kills at least 3, several feared buried under the rubble

Mohidul Islam, 43, said he had been with four others doing carpentry work on the top floor of the warehouse when he decided to take a break and left his workstation. “Suddenly I heard a loud noise and the situation became chaotic after realising that there was a collapse of the structure that was under construction. … Read more

Saudi Aramco to slash oil prices to Asia amid growing rivalry

Non-Middle East oil continues to attract Asian buyers amid strength in Dubai crude due to supply curbs from Opec+ producers. (Aramco pic) SINGAPORE: Saudi Aramco is forecast to cut the price of its flagship oil grade to Asia for the first time since June as an influx of cheaper US and European barrels drives up … Read more

How Sheena Liam went from Asia’s Next Top Model winner to famous embroidery artist from Penang

While Liam is constantly jet-setting around the world, whether for modelling or art shows, her home these days is in Penang, where she moved during the pandemic. “I technically got stuck there during the pandemic and started growing my practice increasingly as my daily life and work intertwined with the city,” she reminisced. “I like … Read more

Saudi Arabia beats Italy, South Korea to host 2030 world fair

PARIS: Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh won the right to host the Expo 2030 world fair, vote results showed on Tuesday (Nov 28), in another diplomatic victory for a Gulf country after the Qatar World Cup last year. South Korea’s Busan and Italy’s Rome were also in the running to host the world fair, a five-yearly event … Read more

North Korea cites rare dissent in elections even as 99% back candidates

SEOUL: North Korea on Tuesday (Nov 28) made a rare mention of dissenting votes in recent elections, although analysts dismissed it as an attempt to portray an image of a normal society rather than signalling any meaningful increase of rights in the authoritarian state. The reclusive North has one of the most highly controlled societies … Read more

Thailand to allow clubs, bars to stay open longer to boost tourism

BANGKOK: Thailand’s cabinet has approved a ministerial regulation that extends the opening hours of nightclubs and entertainment venues in a bid to draw in more tourists, a government spokesperson said on Tuesday (Nov 28). Entertainment venues, clubs and karaoke bars in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Samui, popular tourist destinations, will be allowed to … Read more

All 41 Indian workers trapped in tunnel for 17 days rescued: Minister

“EFFORT AND SACRIFICE” After repeated setbacks in the operation, military engineers and skilled miners dug the final section by hand using a so-called “rat-hole” technique, a three-person team working at the rockface inside a metal pipe, just wide enough for someone to squeeze through. Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra paid tribute to the men at the … Read more

Indian rescuers break through debris to reach 41 men trapped in tunnel

AMBITIOUS PROJECT Dozens of rescue workers with ropes, ladders and stretchers entered the tunnel and 41 ambulances were lined up outside to take the 41 men to a hospital about 30km away. Helicopters were on standby there to fly workers to a larger hospital in the city of Rishikesh in case any of them needed … Read more

China athletes as young as seven in military training to ‘create iron army’

SHANGHAI: Hundreds of athletes as young as seven are undergoing military training in Shanghai designed to instill discipline and “good fighting ability”, the Chinese city said. The athletes will “deeply study” the Chinese military’s “sense of standards and combat spirit”, Shanghai’s sports bureau said. Chinese football teams have previously undergone similar training, which is largely … Read more

North Korea defends satellite launch at UN as Kim takes images of White House

“One belligerent party, the United States, is threatening us with a nuclear weapon,” he said. “It is a legitimate right for the DPRK as another belligerent party to develop, test, manufacture and possess weapons systems equivalent to those that the United States possesses or is developing.” He mocked US charges that satellite technology also helped … Read more

Indian rescuers say very close to reaching 41 men trapped in tunnel

SILKYARA, India: Rescuers in India are jus six or seven metres away from 41 men trapped in a collapsed highway tunnel in the Himalayas for more than two weeks, and are confident of drilling through to reach them on Tuesday, officials said. The men, low-wage workers from India’s poorest states, have been stuck in the … Read more