Carnival Row has two spin-off comics that focus on Philo and Vignette each

As fans digest the excellent season 2 finale, many Carnival Row fans are now curious about the two spin-off side-story comic books.

The story of Carnival Row has finally come to a definitive conclusion, with the final two episodes from season 2 having just been released for OTT streaming via Amazon Prime.

Whilst the vast majority of the various plotlines were wrapped up in a neat little bow, there still remain so many stories that could be explored from both The Burge and beyond.

Specifically, fans are now curious about the two Carnival Row spin-off comics, and where a potential TV sequel could take the Fae.

Carnival Row has two spin-off comic books

Carnival Row was originally penned as a speculative screenplay back in 2005, when it had the title ‘A Killing on Carnival Row’.

Since then, two spin-off comic books have been produced for the popular franchise; one which focuses on backstory of Philo called ‘Carnival Row: From the Dark’ and one focusing on the backstory of Vignette called ‘Carnival Row: Sparrowhawk’.

Both spin-off comics books are one-shot stories, with From The Dark being around 35 pages in length, and Sparrowhawk around 25 pages – both of which were published in 2019.

Carnival Row: From the Dark synopsis:

“As Rycroft Philostrate adjusts to his life in The Burgue, memories of his former life intertwine with a mystery that will take him through the strange city streets that he now calls home. A recent bomb attack has only intensified the situation, can he find the people responsible before there is another explosion?”

Carnival Row: Sparrowhawk synopsis:

“With their homeland under attack, Vignette and her fellow Fae must fight and sacrifice in order to reach safety. Mythical powers only count for so much, when the other side has them too. Will they find the refuge they are looking for or does an even bigger threat wait for them?”

Fans can purchase both Carnival Row spin-off stories on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Comixology, as well as via GoodReads, for just a few dollars each.

Could we ever see a Carnival Row TV spin-off?

Whilst Carnival Row was pulled by Amazon Prime Video after season 2, meaning we won’t be getting a third season, there are plenty of potential spin-off TV shows that could be developed.

Possible storylines for a spin-off from the main series include: An expansion of Philo’s time in Tirnanoc as a Burgue soldier, Tourmaline’s life before meeting Vignette, Agreus’ life as a bounty hunter, or how Chancellor Breakspear originally came to power.

Going further afield from the main timeline, we would also love to see an origin story for the Row itself; who were the first generation of Fae to establish the settlement? Even an origin story to The Pact about how they came to wield the powers of Marroks would be fascinating.

Overall, whilst it appears highly unlikely that we will see a third season of Carnival Row going into production, Amazon Prime Video has an excellent opportunity to develop a spin-off series in an already-established world.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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