Bride Threatens Guests’ Safety at Wedding by Covering Exit Signs so They Wouldn’t Ruin Her Pics

While planning her “perfect” wedding, one bride likely violated her venue’s health codes by covering up their exit signs to save her aesthetic.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

For some future brides, the most crucial part of the big day is saying “I do” to the ones they love in front of the people who love them the most. Other brides want the same thing — plus a ceremony and reception that will be Instagram-worthy for years.

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Part of ensuring a bride’s wedding is exactly what they’re looking for is making necessary decisions regarding the aesthetic. In September 2023, one bride risked it all so her photos could be her idea of perfect by covering the exit signs in her wedding venue.

Keep reading to see how TikTok reacted to the bride’s extreme precautionary measures.

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“Probably not up to code.”

I love a consistent aesthetic more than the next girl. So, when planning my own wedding, I wanted to ensure everything from the decor of both venues to my accessories fit the color scheme my fiancée and I decided on. However, I’m aware that both the buildings for our ceremony and reception will have features that just don’t fit the aesthetic I’m going for.

While I’ve accepted that some things, like exit signs in most public facilities, will be unavoidable on my wedding day, I’m not someone who considers myself a Bridezilla, though I loved watching the reality show of the same name. But, after seeing a self-proclaimed Bridezilla figure out a way to get rid of the bold red exit signs, I’m more than impressed by TikToker Bridget’s (@bridgezilla) refusal to let the signs ruin her special day.

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During her September 2023 wedding, Bridget decided that exit signs just didn’t mesh well with her wedding colors. So, she decided to cover the signs so as not to ruin her wedding day photos.

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In the video, Olivia Rodrigo’s “All American B—-” played in the background as one of Bridget’s bridesmaids walked around the wedding venue holding a camera. Bridget then zoomed in on the highlighted area, and the exit sign’s lights were covered with a brown coverup.

“Probably not up to code,” Bridget captioned the video, adding, “Save the pics!”

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Bridget’s exit-sign cover floored fellow #WeddingTok subscribers.

I can see why Bridget needed to cover up the exit signs at her wedding venue. Most people only want to have one wedding, so why not make it as perfect as humanly possible, right? However, while watching the TikTok, I felt what she was doing was illegal and beyond extra.

I wasn’t alone in thinking that Bridget crossed the line and violated her guests’ well-being by covering the only way they could safely exit the facility should something dangerous happen. Underneath Briget’s comments, she received many reactions from users who were appalled by her decision. Several users called the gesture “insane” and had hilarious follow-up questions for the new bride.

“Do you also lock your guests in from the outside?” one user asked.

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“Did you also put candles next to the drapes?” another inquired.

“How about just photoshop your pictures? 😳” a third user wondered.

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Like the third commenter, others asked Bridget why she didn’t simply ask her wedding photographer to edit the exit signs from her wedding photos later. One photographer, Madison Anne (@madisonannestudio)showed how simple it was to remove the exit signs from photos she’s worked on.

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In her quick stitch of Bridget’s video, Madison showed that she could’ve removed the bride’s exit signs with just one click without violating any health codes. She then tagged Bridget and stated she has never had clients complain about exit signs ruining their photos.

“@Fiance Bridget literally speechless,” Madison wrote in her caption. “And I promise you, exit signs are not a big deal.”

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