Bosnian bodybuilder executes ex-wife on Instagram livestream, goes on killing spree which ends in his suicide

On Friday, Nermin Sulejmanovic, a bodybuilder from Bosnia, live-streamed the murder of his ex-wife on Instagram before going on a shooting rampage that ended with killing himself. Reportedly, 12000 viewers watched the slaying live.

“Here, watch the murder live now, nice and easy … Are you watching?” Sulejmanovic said.
“Here, watch the murder live now, nice and easy … Are you watching?” Sulejmanovic said.

The 35-year-old filmed a minimum of three videos documenting his violent spree that left three innocent people dead and three injured.

Friday morning turned horrendous for the residents of the northeastern town of Gradacac, when Nermin posted a video on Instagram, enticing his viewers that they would witness a live execution.

In the terrifying film, he points to his ex-wife and tells his viewers, “Look, when you’re dealing with a wh-e who reports you to the police,” as a young child sobs in the distance.

He confesses to being the child’s father and shares that his ex-wife “hid” the toddler from him for more than a week and had reported him to the police for domestic violence.

“Here, watch the murder live now, nice and easy … Are you watching?” Sulejmanovic says to the camera before firing a bullet into a woman’s forehead.

Turning the camera to the child, he said: “Here, someone come and save the child. Moving on.”

The bodybuilder and fitness instructor then went on a shooting rampage. He informed the viewers that he had killed a father and his young son while being off-camera.

While being pursued by the police, he wounded a police officer, and hurt another man and woman, roaming around the town. Nermin took his own life before he could be caught by the police.

Officials reported that about 12,000 viewers watched the video live. Those who commented supportive messages on Nermin’s account could face legal consequences, warned prosecutors.

Though the motive behind the killing spree remains undiscovered, the bodybuilder had been reported by his wife for threats and violence and also had criminal records of drug smuggling.

Condemning the levels of violence against women in the Baltic country, UN’s resident coordinator in Bosnia, Ingrid Macdonalds said, “The United Nations stands horrified by the fact that the murder of a female victim was livestreamed via a social network, which is one of the latest in a streak of femicide and severe cases of gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

As per a report by Agency for Gender Equality, about 60 women from Bosnia and Herzegovina have been killed by their husbands since 2015.

In light of these events, “We call on the authorities to resolutely commit to eradicating this heinous crime, and urge the international community, governments, civil society, and individuals to join forces to prioritize the eradication of femicide,” added Ingrid.

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