Blood & Money episode 2: What happened to Stevie Bellush?

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Stevie quickly called 911 from the room telephone however promptly hung up
At the point when Sheila won care of the two kids, Balckthorne was past furious
13 year old Stevie Bellush was the first to find Sheila’s body

Episode two of the docuseries Blood and Cash what gets going precisely like Regulation and Request, covered the instance of Sheila Bellush, 35, who was severely killed before her youngsters on seventh November, 1997.

Sheila wedded rich money manager Allen Blackthorne in 1982, and they had two girls together-Stevie and Daryl. The marriage endured just five years as Balckthorne turned out to be incredibly savage with Sheila. Their separation was an extensive trial which went on for a very long time.

At the point when Sheila won care of the two youngsters, Balckthorne was past furious. He guaranteed that Sheila was a careless mother and that she can’t win against him. Following this, Sheila wedded drug agent Jamie Bellush. They had quadruplets together, and before long moved to Sarasota, Florida to move away from the steady provocation of Blackthorne.

Be that as it may, Blackthorne didn’t stop. Employing he PI, he figured out the Bellush home. He then with the assistance of his golf colleague, Daniel Rocha, employed a shooter. Jose Luis Del Toro was entrusted with attacking Sheila, for which Blackthorne paid him $14,000.

At the point when Jose broke into Sheila’s Sarasota home on seventh November, he affirms that he nearly didn’t proceed with the homicide. Watching Sheila take such great consideration of her four kids nearly made him adjust his perspective. Be that as it may, Sheila had spotted him, and a frightened Jose shot her in the face. He likewise cut her cut. The whole homicide was done before the four little children.

13 year old Stevie Bellush was the first to find Sheila’s body after returning from school a couple of hours after the fact. She remained in shock as her four half-kin strolled around canvassed in their mom’s blood, totally ignorant about what had occurred.

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Stevie quickly called 911 from the room telephone yet promptly hung up. Maybe she was too shaken to even consider talking. Then she utilized the kitchen telephone to call the police where she made an honest effort to let the administrator know what had occurred through tears in her eyes.

The police showed up quickly to the Sarasota home, yet had not much data to begin their examination with. Only one of the quadruples had recently begun to talk, and couldn’t express anything to the police. With Jamie Bellush’s assistance the police comprehended that Stevie’s natural dad, Allen Blackthorne was the guilty party behind this.

It was at long last in the year 2000 that Blackthorne was caught and taken to preliminary. There, he was pronounced blameworthy and accused of two life sentences without the chance of parole. He dies in jail while never getting to see Stevie and Daryle Bellush once more.

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