Auto Tips: Get Ordinary Petrol Or Premium Petrol? know now


Petrol & Premium Petrol Difference: If you have noticed, the petrol filling machine at HP’s petrol pump gets the option of power petrol along with normal petrol. At the same time, if you go to any petrol pump of BPCL, then you will see on the petrol filling machine that you get a different petrol option named Speed. Apart from this, you also get the option of Speed ​​97 petrol at BPCL’s petrol pump. If you go to the petrol pump of Indian Oil, then you will get the option of extra premium petrol there. So have you ever wondered what is the difference between normal petrol and other petrol options? Let’s know.

You can get a difference of up to several rupees in the price of HP’s Power, BPCL’s Speed ​​and Speed ​​97 and Indian Oil’s Extra Premium Petrol as compared to normal petrol. Power, Speed, Speed ​​97 and Extra premium petrol can be around the same price whereas normal petrol gets you several rupees cheaper than their price.
It is believed that the power and extra premium category petrol as compared to normal petrol increases the performance of your vehicle’s engine. By putting premium class petrol in the vehicle, the mileage of the vehicle can also be better.

The biggest difference between normal fuel and premium fuel is the octane number. Normal fuel has an octane number of 87, but premium fuel has an octane number of 91 or more. Normal fuel has 87 octane, HP Power has 87 octane and some extra chemical, BPCL Speed ​​has 91 octane, BPCL Speed ​​97 has 97 octane and IOC XtraPremium has 91 octane.