Anas Begs Ghanaians To Stop Splashing His Alleged Photos On Social Media To Prevent Attacks On Innocent Persons

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyawo Anas has addressed a viral video for the first time since 2019 alleging that he was grabbed by some youths in Tse Addo, Accra.

Since the video went viral, neither the journalist nor his organization, Tiger Eye PI, has spoken to him or the content in it.

Three years later, Tiger Eye has commented on the video, dissociating its chief executive from the video and warning against the man allegedly being unmasked over fears that innocent people could be targeted.

The statement issued by Tiger Eye on November 25 was primarily meant to dispel allegations of extortion in the wake of Anas’ recent documentary ‘Gallumsy Economy’.

The statement addressed a widely viral video that was circulated in the wake of the documentary, which led to the sacking of Charles Adu Bohen, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, on allegations of influence.

The relevant part is as follows: “In the video, a man in Korno who was claimed to be Anas was being accused of land grab. On humanitarian grounds, we would like to reiterate that disseminating videos of individuals and tagging them as ANAS may put innocent individuals at risk as they may be caught and targeted in case of mistaken identity.

“We wish to further state on record that Anas Aremayev Anas, CEO of Tiger Eye has never forcibly or illegally evicted anyone from his land nor has been allegedly involved in any dispute. The court has found them not guilty of illegal land grab.

About Viral Video:

In the said video, several men are seen meeting a man with braided hair whom they claim was Anas Aremayo Anas in Tse Addo, a suburb of Accra.

One of the men, commenting loudly on the matter, described how the ‘supposed’ Anas was trying to dispose of them of land they had rightfully acquired.

They claim that ‘Anas’ had confirmed his identity to them and that was the reason they decided to throw him out as he was committing a crime.

During this, ‘Anas’ is also heard speaking Hausa with the attackers.

Below are the details of his statement:

Below is the full statement:

Tiger Eye responds to allegations of extortion and blackmail

Following the release of the Galamsi Economy Expose focused on exposing the widespread rot affecting the economy and investor confidence in Ghana, some have resorted to mudslinging and lying against Tiger Eye PI CEO Anas Aremayo Anas.

A video made of repeated allegations from 2018 has been circulated on social media networks and other messaging platforms. Tiger Eye hereby responds to the contents of the said video, which contains details which we have refuted on numerous occasions.

Tiger Eye PI Anas Aremayev denies all charges against Anas, including extortion and blackmail. These allegations are fictitious and fabricated, which have no basis in reality.

Tiger Eye PI notes that these are ploys by the perpetrators of corruption and their accomplices to deflect attention from the facts of our recent expose. It also begs the question that why such allegations come to the fore only when there is a disclosure?

In the said video, the wife of Mr. Kwesi Nyantaki can be seen and heard on Metro TV sometime in 2018, alleging that some people asked her husband to pay some amount ($100,000) to skip the #12 exposé. was contacted for

When the allegation was first made, Anas Aremayo Anas challenged Mr Nyantaki and his wife to sue him or whoever they were accusing, or report them to the police for extortion, if He seems to think his stale allegation is true (though it is important) to note that, he, as well as the whistleblowers of said allegation, fail to mention anyone by name.

Today, Mr. Nyantaki is on trial for fraud and corruption. If this allegation is true, it would be absurd that he would not hold bribe-seekers to any extent, especially when, through Tiger Eye’s anti-corruption campaigns, he has lost his job.

It is important to note that, the champion of these false allegations, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong (also seen in the video), who showed photographs of the late Ahmed Suale on his NET 2 TV before his murder, Anas Aremayo Anas, is in court for defamation In the case of

When he challenged Anas’s professional integrity as an advocate in the General Legal Council, he was defeated. Then again, he has already lost the first round of defamation suit against him by Mr. Abdul Malik Kuweku Bako, where the court found his allegations to be baseless and hollow.

Some parts of the video are showing false claims of Mr. Charles Bishue. Tiger Eye recently comprehensively debunked his false claims. (We reiterate that those claims of demanding bribe to quash the disclosure of the Galamse fraud are false and baseless.

It is interesting that whenever these claims are made, the accusers fail to mention specific names nor produce evidence to substantiate their claims. They don’t even take bold steps to report such things to law enforcement agencies to deal with them as per law. This should alert every observer that these claims are absurd and should be treated as such.

In the video, a man claimed to be Anas was being accused of land grab in Korno. On humanitarian grounds, we would like to reiterate that disseminating videos of individuals and tagging them as ANAS may put innocent individuals at risk as they may be caught and targeted in case of mistaken identity.

We would like to further state for the record that Anas Aremayev Anas, CEO of Tiger Eye has never forcibly or illegally evicted anyone from his land and has not allegedly been involved in any dispute. No court has found him guilty of illegal land acquisition.

Tiger Eye is fully aware that this particular allegation is being supported by one Kuveku Annan who was sacked from NET 2 for professional misconduct. Suffice it to say, Kuveku Annan was exposed by Tiger Eye demanding a bribe to lie about Anas Aremeyaw Anas (

Subsequently, Tiger Eye took him to the National Media Commission (NMC) to redress his allegations (where he could not substantiate a single claim, which led to a restraining order being issued against him by the NMC.

Once again, we challenge anyone with evidence of wrongdoing in the nature of illegal acquisition of land to approach the appropriate state agency for further action.

To reiterate without disputing, Tiger Eye PI has never, through its agents or third parties, sought money from people busted by Tiger Eye PI in connection with our work, including for the removal of stories Episode 12 and the Galamsey Fraud Expose.

In accordance with internal operating procedures and integrity mechanisms within Tiger Eye, it is impossible for any of our agents to ask for a bribe to drop a story. The sheer frivolity and inconsistency of these allegations has been exposed several times by Tiger Eye PI.

Tiger Eye PI, as always following its own investigation, has taken additional steps to assist relevant state authorities in examining the findings of our investigation. Anas Aremayev Anas has testified in courts, been cross-examined, and has been the subject of several lawsuits for his actions. In more than two decades of service dedicated to uncovering crimes, none of these prosecutions have been successful.

We challenge anyone with evidence of a crime against Anas Aremayev Anas, to provide it to the relevant state authorities without hesitation.

Tiger Eye PI is unwavering in its commitment to fight corruption and crimes using Sting Operations (Anas Siddhanta), and absolutely nothing, be it threats or the stuff of fake allegations, will deter us from holding responsible officers in the interest of God and country Will stop keeping

Anas Aremayav Anas
chief executive officer

Source: ghanaweb

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