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Zac Efron and Leonardo Dicaprio’s careers have been drastically different, but they share a lot of similarities. Per Biography, Efron was 18 when he landed his breakout role as Troy Bolton on the Disney smash hit, “High School Musical.” After dating his co-star, Vanessa Hudgens, he became a tabloid staple and teen idol. However, as the paparazzi frenzy grew, Efron stepped away from the limelight and graduated high school before jumping back into the fray.

Meanwhile, Britannica reports that DiCaprio kicked off his career with sitcoms, low-budget horror flicks, and even a role in “The New Lassie.” But he was also 18 when he hit the big time, co-starring in “This Boy’s Life” with Robert DeNiro. Like Efron, DiCaprio’s fame skyrocketed, and he also became a teen pin-up. However, unlike Efron, DiCaprio didn’t have to deal with the swarms of paparazzi, fans with cell phones capturing his every move and social media.

Efron and DiCaprio bonded when they found themselves unexpectedly seated together at a Lakers game in 2008. Efron played it cool and waited for DiCaprio to make the first move. “And sure enough, he had his cap down low, and when the ball went to the other side, he went, ‘Hey man, do you want to go get breakfast tomorrow?’” Efron explained in a “First We Feast” interview. “And he cooked me breakfast the next day,” he continued. “At his house. He cooked waffles, and then he burned those, then he made pancakes. It was awesome.”

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