9.1k Covid vax doses administered in Lucknow during Sunday drive

LUCKNOW As many as 9,178 people were administered the Covishield vaccine dose during the special vaccination drive carried out in Lucknow on Sunday. The inoculation was done free-of-cost by the health department.

Out of the total beneficiaries, 6,800 received the precaution dose, 2,019 were administered the second dose, and the remaining 372 people took their first dose of Covid vaccine.

For the special drive, vaccination booths were set up at 108 facilities, including district hospitals, medical institutes, community health centres, and primary health centres. The health department had arranged 40,000 doses of the Covishield vaccine.

Speaking on the drive, Dr Abhishek Shukla, secretary general, Association of International Doctors, said, “By Sunday, Lucknow got all its eligible beneficiaries covered with first dose (45,70,356 dose administered) and over 90% (40,24,185 dose administered) of city residents have taken the second dose as well. The number of precaution dose administered in the city is 9,46,496,” said .

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