6 Reasons, Climate And Environmental Protections, Are Essential!

6 Reasons, Climate And Environmental Protections, Are Essential!

Although, some seem to prefer the denial, the reality of Climate Change, and the potential harm, and, in many cases, reduce the need to protect the environment, especially, as it relates to clean air, water, the truth exists, except that / until, this planet, begins, not not only taking it seriously, but it continues, with vigor, a well-thought-out plan, threatening life, and well-being, not only, for now, but for generations to come! There, historians, as well as environmentalists / astronomers / experts, look back, on the conduct of this nation, and the leadership, in particular, in these four to four years, perhaps, will hear, our actions (and, and lack), are at stake, and damaged, our transfer, a stable planet, for those, the following! With that in mind, this article will try, briefly, consider, evaluate, review and discuss, six reasons, doing our best, protecting our environment, and preparing for the benefits of Climate Change, is important!

1. Fresh air and water: While the Trump Administration, it seems, reverses, and / or, restricts, many laws and regulations, aimed at protecting the environment, etc., endangers the energy, enjoyment, fresh air and water! Some of these actions, including: allowing waste dumping in streams, etc. promoting football; to prevent attempts, reduce greenhouse gases, etc. Mankind, cannot, continue, exist, unless we prioritize, protect, purify the air and water.

2. Commitment to future generations: Shouldn’t the current generation be responsible for protecting this planet, health, well-being, and high happiness, for future generations? To do so, means to do our best, to deal with problems, not in a human way, but in a positive, and sustainable way!

3. Sea / Sea / Melt Levels: We see, massive melting, in the earth’s crust, perhaps, because, on average, the annual temperature, on this planet, continues to rise. When ice melts, it causes energy, ocean, and ocean, to rise, and, thus, endanger, low-lying areas, due to potential flooding, and so on.

4. Coastal / human risk – health: If we do not, all of us, can, protect the planet, endanger human life, and our way of life!

5. Increases / Frequency of Storms: You are not alone, you feel, the hardships, and frequencies, hurricanes, and natural disasters, have increased, and worsened, in recent years!

6. Overall health and well-being: When / when, community leaders, prioritizing, talking, sending people’s messages, instead of doing the right thing, everyone loses! The actions and statements, made by the previous one – the President, rejected, and / or, reduced, these problems, often, equated, and short-term / immediate economic problems, lifelong, and well-being and future generations, are at stake!

We have only one planet, and, we must, or protect it, and take care of it, or, ultimately, harm it, and its inhabitants! Wake up, and seek better, more, more reliable leadership!