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5 Must-Have Products For Your Everyday Makeup

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Last Updated: January 26, 2023, 08:20 IST

You can always use some makeup tips, regardless of whether you're an actual beauty pro or a complete newb.

You can always use some makeup tips, regardless of whether you’re an actual beauty pro or a complete newb.

Here are five makeup tips to help you look more glamorous whether you spend your time indoors or outdoors

Whether you’re a college girl, stay at home mom or a corporate ninja, a basic skincare and makeup routine is of utmost importance. Here are five makeup mantras that come highly recommended by Priyanka Gill, Co-founder, The Good Glamm Group and Founder & CEO, POPxo.

1. Wear your sunscreen, every single day:

A good sunscreen goes a long way. Invest in a non-greasy sunscreen that comes with at least SPF 30 and PA+++ to protect your skin from sun damage. Whether you spend the day indoors or outdoors, it is essential to use sunscreen as part of your daily skincare and makeup routine. I prefer one that is hydrating and gives my skin some form of extra nourishment in terms of its ingredients.

2. Brighten up your day with a liquid lipstick:

A luscious matte liquid lipstick can brighten up a day like nothing else. It works wonders, whether you’re carrying a casual bare face look or going all out for a party. It’s best to have a set of super smooth, lightweight, moisturizing, transfer-proof liquid lipsticks in your handbag at all times. I always carry a pink, a brown and a red liquid lipstick with me—you never know where the day might take you!

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3. Add some shine with a lip gloss:

No matter if it’s summer, spring or winter, a hydrating lip gloss never goes out of season. I definitely look for ones that feature Vitamin E, as it naturally nourishes your lips. Also, nobody likes sticky lip gloss—they must be silky smooth and lightweight. Besides on casual no-makeup days, use a layer of lip gloss over a matte lipstick to add some shine to a makeup look.

4. A versatile face palette is all you need to go from day to night:

It’s every woman’s dream to fit her makeup table in her handbag. Well in this era of innovation, it is not exactly impossible. Here’s a hack I love—get yourselves a nice face palette that features a blush, highlighter, setting powder and eyeshadow all in one. If you’re somebody who’s always on the go, like me, this is a hassle-free way of carrying your makeup essentials with you.

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5. Define your eyes with an eyeliner:

Whether you like to keep it classic with black or browns or add a pop of colour to your face with the pinks and greens, an eyeliner is a lovely way to draw attention to your eyes. A long-lasting, smudge-proof, highly pigmented liquid eyeliner comes handy to get a nice and defined eye makeup look. On a date, at a party or in a meeting, sometimes it’s best to let your eyes do the talking.

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