40 Years Of Angoor: Sanjeev Kumar did amazing in double role, did tremendous comedy with Deven Verma

Gulzar The film ‘Angoor’, directed by him, was released on 5 March 1982. This film starring Sanjeev Kumar and Moushumi Chatterjee is considered a memorable film. 40 years ago, Sanjeev had enthralled the audience with his brilliant comedy. There were also actors like Deepti Naval, Aruna Irani, Deven Verma in this film. The film ‘Angoor’ is inspired by Shakespeare’s play ‘The Comedy of Errors’. It is considered one of Gulzar’s best films. There is such a clean comedy in this film, which children and adults can watch together.

Sanjeev Kumar has a double role in ‘Angoor’

Sanjeev Kumar’s double role comedy drama film ‘Angoor’ is a remake of Bengali film ‘Bhranti Bilas’. In the story of the film, two twins are separated at birth and meet again in their youth. While one grows up to be an honest and good person, then the other becomes a thief-sneak. Something happens that both of them meet at one place in the story of the film. Due to these two, there was so much confusion that the audience was laughing and laughing in the cinema hall.

Sanjeev Kumar and Moushumi Chatterjee in a scene from the movie Angoori. (Photo Credits: Movies N Memories/twitter)

The pair of Sanjeev-Deven Verma made a lot of laughs

One of the 25 best films of Sanjeev Kumar is ‘Angoor’. He got the Best Actor nomination for this film. Along with Sanjeev, the performance of Deven Verma was also liked by the people so much that he got the award for Best Comedy Actor. Deven Verma entertained the audience a lot by playing the role of a brave servant in the film. Many times it happened that Sanjeev Kumar was seen to be heavy on Deven. His comedy was well liked by the audience.

gulzar ki angoor

Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma’s memorable film Angoor. (Photo Credits: Poster)

Deven Verma, who became brave, was recognized by ‘Angoor’

Hindi cinema’s comedy actor Deven Verma used to act so tremendously that on seeing him, the audience laughed. After ‘Gulzar’s film ‘Angoor’, there was a tremendous jump in Deven Verma’s career. In the double role, Deven played the role of a servant who considers the master to be God and obeys everything he says. When Deven became brave, he laughed so much with his innocence when he came on screen that the audience was filled with laughter.

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Clean comedy film ‘Angoor’

Today, even though there are no actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma, but these actors have left such an impression of their performance that the audience smiles after remembering them. Gulzar and these actors told that if there is power in the story and acting, then comedy can be done in a clean style too.

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