2022 Audi Q7 Facelift Review: How is the new 2022 Audi Q7 Facelift? get to know each and every thing closely

2022 Audi Q7 Facelift Review, Features & Specifications: The first generation Q7 took a huge hit and transformed Audi into a major SUV player. Also, giving it a chance to become a leader in the luxury SUV segment. Being Audi’s first full size SUV, the Q7 was offered with looks, comfort and a capable engine. However, time has moved on and now the luxury SUV segment is flooded with capable contenders from almost every premium car maker. The Q7 is also now back in the Audi range but this time as a brand new model. This is the facelifted Q7 and has been introduced after the new Q5 launch. It’s not even a ‘small’ facelift as the new Q7 looks a lot more aggressive than the previous one. There is a big new grille at the top, which gives a lot of presence to the SUV while the new Matrix LED headlamps add to the premium look. Even the bumper has got a new design.

These new matrix LEDs also come with dynamic turn indicators. On the side, there are now 19-inch alloys, which look sportier than the former. The rear gets a set of new tail-lamps with dynamic turn indicators while the added chrome suggests that this is a full-size luxury SUV from Audi. Customers want SUVs at this price point to be big and have a presence – the new Q7 is now much more attractive with more aggressiveness than the former. Also with its new design, the SUV has now increased by eleven millimeters (0.4 in) to 5,063 millimeters (16.6 ft) long.

However, the all-new interior makes the Q7 almost a ‘new’ car rather than just a facelift. The gloss black trim, dual screen and new look completely transform the cabin from the previous one. The steering wheel has now become sportier. Apart from this, there is a lot of chrome, metal and gloss black trim, which enhances the dashboard. It is now much more modern while retaining the luxury feel. It is just as expected from an SUV in this segment. The dual screen set-up is similar to that of the A8 sedan or the A6, with the major functions at the top along with the climate control function on the lower touchscreen. The large touch screen makes them very easy to use. The other thing, which we liked is the running air vent design, which is provided along the entire dashboard.

The new leather upholstery matches well with the glossy black color while the dash gets tough but high quality plastic. In other words, it seems to be well crafted. There is much more to talk about on the technology front. It has two screens with a digital instrument cluster with different views. They have crisp touch screen response with haptic feedback. There is much more in terms of features including 4-zone climate control, powered seats with driver side memory function, 360-degree camera, panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, 3D Bang & Olufsen audio system, air ionization and aromatization etc. In terms of safety, it gets 8 airbags, adaptive windshield wipers, steering assist with lane departure warning and more. There is plenty of space in the Q7. This is a plus point. The rear seats are really good in terms of legroom or comfort. The central tunnel makes it a more comfortable 4-seater at the rear.

Unlike the earlier Q7, now the new Q7 only comes with a petrol engine but it gets a powerful V6 engine capable of generating 340ps power and 500Nm of torque. Importantly, the standard is air suspension plus quattro all wheel drive. An 8-speed automatic is also available as standard. The petrol engine definitely adds to the luxury feel as it brings smoothness to the drive and is more refined than the best diesel engines. First impressions suggest that the new Q7 looks smoother to drive in traffic. It has a good steering, which makes it easy to use. Its shape can be felt from behind.

The suspension also felt comfortable in the comfort mode. The cabin is quiet, the noise level from outside was almost zero. A sound is heard in the pits. In addition, it feels comfortable and calm. The surprising thing is its engine, and how fast it is. The V6 makes the Q7 very fast for a big SUV and it looks surprisingly sporty. We did not expect the Q7 to be so fast and easily overtake. In dynamic mode, the Q7 looks athletic. It has also controlled body roll. The body roll has been reduced for the passengers sitting inside. He doesn’t move here and there.

The new Q7 is a better luxury SUV as its sleek new petrol engine is a better option. Yes, the petrol V6 cannot match the diesel in terms of FE, but at this price point the owners would love the power and refinement of the engine. The sharp look and new feature packed interiors make it one of the most attractive luxury SUVs of all time.

What did we like? Facelift, Features, Comfort, Performance
What we didn’t like High operating cost and not offering diesel engine