16bit Sensation: Watashi to Minna ga Tsukutta Bishōjo Game Manga Gets Anime

The official Twitter account for Tamiki Wakaki‘s 16bit Sensation: Watashi to Minna ga Tsukutta Bishōjo Game (The Bishōjo Game Made by All of You and I) manga confirmed on Saturday that the manga is inspiring an anime. Wakaki drew an illustration celebrating the news, and also noted that the anime was first announced on the paper shopping bags distributed at Comic Market 101 on Friday and Saturday:

The manga follow Meiko Uehara, a college student who begins working part-time at a PC shop in 1992. However, this shop is a front for its actual business: an erotic game developer for bishōjo games. Due to the sudden departure of the staff, Meiko ends up as a sub-graphic artist — even though she has never drawn an adult illustration before. Her life as a creator begins as she strives to make an erotic game without snafus.

Wakaki (The World God Only Knows) collaborated on the manga’s story with Misato Mitsumi and Tatsuki Amazuyu based on their real-life experiences at AQUAPLUS. They first distributed the manga as a dōjinshi at Comic Market in December 2016. Kadokawa then began publishing the manga in September 2020, with two volumes out as of November 2021.

Source: 16bit Sensation: Watashi to Minna ga Tsukutta Bishōjo Game manga‘s Twitter account

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